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Alice d'ISoft
Complete interactive data mining solution dedicated to business and trade users.

Data extraction and transformation and real time reporting solutions.

Amadea Fast Query
Database s election, counting, and marking in real time .

Fraud Manager d'ISoft
Intelligent solution for fighting fraud based on a real time detection engine assuring proactive shield against fraud attacks.

Amadea Biopack
Integrated platform for biological data anlysis, Amadea BioPack uses Amadea power to give the biologist instant access to biological databases, the means to completely assemble data and the possibility to integrate analystic tools of biological research in a homogenous environment.

StatMining d'ISoft
Statistical Analysis and datamining platform industrializing the creation of studies and statistical models.





October 06-08 2009 - CNIT PARIS LA DEFENSE
Solutions CRM+BI: ISoft announces Amadea V6
At the Solutions 2009 event, ISoft presents Amadea V6, a major evolution of its platform for real time transformation based on Data Morphing and its solutions for analytical CRM on stand D11.

October 06-08 2009 - CNIT PARIS LA DEFENSE
Solutions CRM+BI: ISoft announces StatMining
At the Solutions 2009 event, ISoft announces StatMining, first tool designed to industrialize studies and statistical models.

May 2008 - Paris
Amadéa Fast Query V2
New version of the targeting, counting and strategy solution for marketing professionals

ISoft presents its new version of Fast Query, online software specialised in instantaneous targeting, counting and marking of giant customer databases.
Specially conceived for marketing professionals, Fast Query, with its real time capacity, revolutionizes the traditional selection approach towards marketing campaign management.

Septembre 2007 - Paris
Amadea V5, a new innovative version V2
or data morphing at the service of decision-making information technology

ISoft presents Amadea V5, a major new version of its real time integration and data transformation platform based on Data Morphing.
ISoft has created this new version to better respond to the growing needs of decision-making information technology.


February 2008 - Paris
The MFA relies on data-morphing to facilitate use of its trade datamarts
To accelerate the development of its SQL query procedures and give users greater autonomy to exploit trade datamarts, the MFA has chosen, rather than a classic ETL tool, ISoft's data morphing platform Amadea. A really recreational tool !


March 2005 - Paris
Operational, tactical and strategic CPM: the white book of Wolfgang Martin
In this white book consacrated to Corporate Performance Management, Wolfgang Martin describes the technical and business architecture of the operational, tactical and strategic models of CPM. He describes the position and architecture of ISoft's Amadea in the framework of CPM projects.



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