Data Mining for business analysts

A data mining solution dedicated to business usersFeatures

Alice by ISoft, a Data Mining software based on interactive decision trees (invented by ISoft), allows users to create segmentation models. 

Business experts use Alice to explore data directly and interactively. As easy to use as a spreadsheet, the software is designed for business users and requires no prior statistical expertise. It allows to carry out data analytics faster, better, and autonomously. 

Because business expertise is essential to make data analytics successful, Alice involves business users at every step of the Data Mining process. Thanks to its speed and ease of use, Alice delivers better-quality segmentation models.


Interactive and easy to use, Alice is making exploration and segmentation of huge data volumes a smooth process. With Alice, business users can carry out end-to-end Data Mining projects. 

Interactive, fast and easy to use

Covers the entire analysis and exploration process

Can handle any volume of data


Interactive decision trees

Fast segmentation with interactive decision trees


Predict a population behaviour by assigning scores


Builds crosstabs that are handy and dynamic


Groups similar individuals into classes


Alice generates reports that can be read directly in your word processor


Measure of dependence between variables


Compares multiple datasets

Statistiques comparatives

Provides all descriptive data in a single click, compares the profile of two populations on the fly

Scope of application


Market research, segmentation, classification, consumer insight, satisfaction survey

Direct Marketing

Surveys and opinion polls, customer feedback

Banking, Finance, Insurance

Scoring, risk analysis, fraud detection


Quality control, diagnosis, feedback


Clinical studies, biometrics, epidemiology, biomedical research

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