The AI and Data Science platform for business users

Unparalleled Data Science applications

Risk Management

Amadea enables to analyze simply and interactively massive amounts of data, and to develop models based on thousands of attributes. Industrialize risk analytics for management control, compliance and economic analysis. 

Consumer Insight

Automate predictive scoring is easy with Amadea. By analysing and enriching billions of raw data, marketing teams can model thousands of scores, improve customer knowledge, and nurture stronger relationships with their clients.


Amadea is used to develop medical indicators and in the field of computer-aided diagnosis. ISoft has a proven expertise in Bio-Informatics and conducts research projects with French and European partners. 

The Data Science platform designed for business users

Explore and enrich data without limits

Amadea handles raw data, structured data and metadata simultaneously. Its unique functionalities enables the creation of complex business indicators. Its open architecture allows the use of external programs in the workflows. 

Easy deployment into production

Deploy to production, manage and monitor your projects over time. Operationalization is made easier, as workflows are divided into simple automated steps. Through real-time testing functionalities, the production phase is fully transparent.


Amadea allows business experts to create and manage their projects without coding, and to have immediate insights from their data.  


Unlike traditional tools which involve several intermediary steps, Amadea allows to specify and deploy the projects in an agile way.


The most powerful data management engine of the market (more than 10 million rows / seconds for elementary calculation).


Every operation in the workflow is recorded and accessible. Users can track and understand all results, and identify errors at every stage of the workflow. 


Workflows are organized into shared libraries. Every operation can be re-used in another workflow. Libraries are used to structure the company’s knowledge. 


Amadea allows full traceability of projects, monitoring and control of access rights for all users, and deployment of critical actions while complying with the security requirements. 

Turn your data into business value

A modular platform to develop and industrialize end-to-end projects

The best TCO of all the Data Science and Machine Learning platforms

Deploy your AI applications 5 to 10 times faster

Cutting-edge AI and Machine Learning functionalities

The fastest AI and Data Science

engine of the market


Amadea is powered by the fastest data processing engine (more than 10 million rows / seconds for a basic calculation). Users can instantly transform data and visualise the results.

Data Morphing®

Data Morphing® is a technical innovation developed by ISoft. For any action executed on data, the user can instantly visualize the result, even on massive datasets. The productivity and power of Amadea is based on this unique technology. 

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