Real-Time fraud fighting solution for e-commerce 

Real Time Behavioural Analysis and PSD2

Merchants are facing a double challenge: protect e-commerce transactions against fraud while ensuring customer satisfaction.

The implementation of PSD2, making banks responsible of e-commerce security, is likely to create customer friction. A heavy security system can be prejudicial to merchants. Indeed, when a website is obstructing too many payments, a lot of customers will not buy on this website anymore.

The best approach for fighting e-commerce fraud is to rely on real-time behavioural analysis. For each transaction, a lot of indicators must be taken into account to determine whether this transaction is fraudulent or not. 

e-Fraud Manager, a solution dedicated to e-commerce, was developed by ISoft to help banks coping with these challenges. e-Fraud manager combines Machine Learning algorithms and behavioural analysis, on the basis of hundreds of attributes for each transaction. 

The advanced behavioural analysis performed by e-Fraud Manager allows banks to stop threats effectively, while offering a seamless customer experience. 

e-Fraud Manager for PSD2

PSD2 compliant

Powered by AI and by the expertise of ISoft in Data Science, e-Fraud Manager is the first fraud fighting solution dedicated to e-commerce, and designed to allow banks to comply with PSD2.

Real Time analysis

ISoft has both an expertise in real-time data analysis and in fraud fighting solutions. ISoft combined this double expertise to create e-Fraud Manager. 


e-Fraud Manager is relying on AI-Based data analysis to provide a robust and effective anti-fraud solution, and responds quickly to new fraud patterns. 

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