ISoft’s roots are to be found in the world of artificial intelligence research. Our most recent developments focus on research and innovation in all areas of analytics and data.
Our history has been marked by a series of technological breakthroughs and innovations designed to help businesses.

1990 – ISoft takes part in the first European project on machine learning

“Machine Learning Toolbox” (120 man years)

1996 – First interactive data mining tool launched for business users

Blockbuster sold worldwide under OEM licence by Business Object

1998 – Data morphing invented

This process (which is similar to image morphing) interactively converts very high volumes of raw and heterogeneous data into information via a series of elementary operations with real-time access to all interim results

2000 – Big data breakthrough technology

Amadea launched: the fastest big data processing engine on the market, and the first standalone analytical tool for any database that can cross-reference, analyse and convert billions of items of data on the fly

2005 – Revolutionising the fight against fraud with real-time behavioural analysis

The first solution for predicting fraudulent behaviour in real time by analysing all available events. Fraud Manager is France’s leading tool in the fight against fraud in the banking sector.

2008 – Technological innovation in digital and data marketing

A suite of tools to help businesses independently explore marketing databases with zero programming and to carry out their targeting iteratively

2010 – Unlimited Data Science Factory

First comprehensive platform released for collaborative data science to perform and industrialise machine-learning algorithms and statistical studies. Packed with big data and AI R & D, StatMining is now the only data lab for working directly on big data without programming

2012 – Development environment for creating visual and interactive applications for big data

Rapid development environment for applications for presenting, exploring and visualising big data interactively.

2016 – Technological innovation in the health sector

Designed to enable health professionals to collect, analyse and cross-reference all genomic, clinical and academic data as and when it is produced in compliance with safety and traceability requirements and respect for privacy