ISoft offers 3 types of programme:

  • Consulting partnerships
  • Software publishing partnerships
  • Distributor partnerships

ISoft values its partnerships and provides substantial support to all its partners.
If you are interested in our partner programme, please contact us.

Consultant Partnerships

Consultant partnerships

This programme is designed to create close ties between ISoft and consulting and service companies.
ISoft provides comprehensive training on its software together with technical and sales support.

ISoft also offers exclusive access to information on the latest developments in its products and the market.

Software publisher

Software publishing partnerships

This programme helps software editors integrate and interface ISoft products with their offers.

In addition to the technical integration, the programme creates a synergy between ISoft and its partners. It may also be supported by a marketing alliance for promoting sales of the solution on the market.

Distributor partnerships

Distributor partnerships

This programme helps software integrators and distributors incorporate the best tools on the market into their services or products.
It includes technical support for sales as well as comprehensive and scalable training.
The goal is to enable our partners to successfully meet their customer needs in terms of data science, processing, quality, integration and migration.