ISoft’s research focuses on processing and evaluating difficult data (volumes, complex structures and calculations). ISoft also acts as a project coordinator in its specialist fields (fraud, marketing, health and biology).

Data Science & Risk Management

ISoft’s research and R&D hub, which forms part of our data science laboratory, is devoted to researching, analysing and optimising statistical algorithms and machine learning. It is recognised in particular for its expertise in the field of rare event detection. Our research is carried out by a dedicated team of specialists who work on large volumes of data from every imaginable source. Our experts also investigate innovative ways of delivering results in the form of simple functions that mean that users can ignore the complexity of the algorithms used.

Big Data

ISoft plays an active role in national and international collaborative research projects into the interactive analysis of large volumes of data and the representation of massive quantities of data. Its main contributions lie in the field of developing effective solutions for processing and preparing data. ISoft’s work also focuses on incorporating various business problems, such as factoring in time issues, the use of logs, determining customer profiles, pharmacovigilance questions, etc.


ISoft’s team of specialists is widely recognised for its expertise in bioinformatics. It conducts European-wide fundamental and applied research into managing, processing and analysing massive amounts of heterogeneous biological data. The work focuses in particular on developing innovative techniques for analysing, exploring and representing genomic data.

The bioinformatics team took part in the GB-3G project that looked at how to unravel genome biology in a eukaryotic clade (in inter-species and intra-species). The programme employed a unique combination of comparative genomics, functional genomics and population-based genomics, and was based on data derived from NGS technologies.

Health & Bioinformatic

ISoft has established strategic partnerships with health professionals . ISoft Solution are designed to meet new requirements in the health sector, provides innovative answers to exploiting genomics, health and social protection data.