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Powerful and user-friendly, ISoft’s ALICE is a data-mining tool based on decision trees that creates segmentation models.

Business customers can use ALICE by ISoft to explore online data interactively and directly. As easy to use as a spreadsheet, the software is designed for business users and requires no prior statistical expertise. ALICE can be used as a standalone to perform faster analyses and improve their relevance.

ALICE is the only software tool that incorporates business knowledge into its analysis. Thanks to its speed and ease of use, ALICE produces better-quality segmentation models.


Interactive, easy to use, fast

Covers the entire analysis and exploration process

Can handle any volume of data


  • ALICE / interactive decision tree
  • ALICE / REPORT: generates reports than can be read directly in your word processor
  • ALICE / CROSSTAB: builds crosstabs that are handy and dynamic
  • ALICE / CORRELATION: measures the dependence between your variables
  • ALICE / CLUSTERING: groups similar individuals into classes
  • ALICE / SEGMENT: compares multiple data sets
  • ALICE / SCORING: makes forecasts by assigning scores to populations
  • ALICE / STAT: provides all descriptive data in a single click, and compares the profile of two populations on the fly


marketing étude isoft

Marketing :

Market research, segmentation, classification, customer profiles, satisfaction studies

statistiques isoft

Direct marketing :

Surveys and opinion polls, return criteria

finance banque isoft

Banking, finance, insurance :

Scoring, risk analysis, fraud detection

contrôle qualité isoft

Industry :

Quality control, diagnostics, feedback

santé isoft

Health :

Clinical studies, biometrics, epidemiology, biomedical researchale