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AMADEA is the top data-management tool based on Data Morphing.

AMADEA is a real-time data integration platform. AMADEA revolutionises the traditional approach to data management by delivering the flexibility and adaptability needed for an effective business intelligence system.

AMADEA uses the concept of data morphing to convert vast quantities of raw, heterogeneous data into information in real time. In addition, it generates and loads data warehouses as well as creating dynamic and customisable data marts, sophisticated business indicators and reports based on the user’s business knowledge. AMADEA solves the need for flexibility and productivity in the context of migrating information systems or integrating applications such as CRM, ERP, BPM and BI.

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Engine technology

Amadea uses the fastest computational engine on the market  (10 million lines a second for a straightforward operation on a standard PC), meaning that it can perform all calculations live and without the need for prior compilation.

Amadea implements powerful operators and offers unique features for processing temporal and longitudinal data.

Programming-free interface: "no sooner defined than done"

Define, implement and test simultaneously
by breaking processing down into a series of elementary steps.

Productivity gains of 80 to 95%

when defining and servicing processing chains.

Impressive interactivity and fast calculation times
for testing every elementary step in real time.

Immediate visualisation for each of the intermediate results

facilitates understanding and ensures high-quality processing.

Automation and control

Amadea is available in three different modules:

  1. Amadea Studio:Real time definition, exploration and building of indicators without the need for programming.
  2. Amadea Exécution: Process industrialisation and immediate production launch.
  3. Amadea Web: Rapid development of interactive web applications with zero programming.

Based on a common platform, an application devised with Amadea Studio is implemented directly via the Amadea Exécution pserver modules for deployment in batches and via Amadea Web for web deployment. The latter consists of a full web deployment (no installation on the client’s computer and no use of applets).



Power data marts, generate dashboards, business indicators and reports.

Customer relationship management

Create multi-channel indicators: production and commercial data, call centre data, and data from e-mailers, marketing campaigns, web log files, etc.


Data loading, processing, powering and reporting.


Process patient data to construct medical and economic indicators, studies for medical practices, pharmacovigilance studies, etc.


Build documented processing chains for generating documentary reports and audit trails.