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Business CRM is a marketing portal dedicated mainly to customer knowledge. BCRM consolidates, develops and exploits all the data collected on different channels using operational and analytical modules.

Business CRM is designed for any brand that is looking to implement efficient customer or product strategies based on the journeys and profiles of its customers.

ISoft promises to facilitate and accelerate decision-making by making it easier for decision-makers to carry out their own analysis. We also relieve the pressure on review services regarding ad hoc requests and recurring data processing procedures.

Business CRM is made up of several independent modules linked to the analytical axis. What sets Business CRM apart is its wide-ranging functional coverage, the level of customisation it offers users, its calculation speed and its short implementation times.



BUSINESS CRM: autonomous and complementary modules

Customer Actions
Clients Profiler
Products Profiler
Campaigns Profiler
Network Profiler
Digital Intelligence