e-Fraud manager

ISoft’s e-Fraud Manager: the first interactive anti-fraud solution devoted to e-commerce

The rise in fraud and the increasingly sophisticated methods used by fraudsters means companies have to be more reactive when it comes to employing effective safeguards. Thanks to its interactivity and ease of use, e-Fraud Manager ISoft provides this essential reactivity.

e-Fraud Manager is based on ISoft’s technological platform for analysing and processing information in real time combined with its state-of-the-art expertise in the fight against fraud. Our solution integrates sophisticated analytical methods that guarantee performance and stability for detecting e-commerce fraud.

Most of the tools used in the fight against fraud consist of a set of standard rules; e-Fraud Manager by ISoft goes much further with the following features:

  • quickly adapt its system to new fraud behaviours,
  • ISoft’s e-Fraud Manager is built on expertise that has been proven over many years by our teams of data scientists, who are specialists in the fight against fraud. E-Fraud Manager combines real-time machine learning algorithms with the ability to cross-reference historical data on the fly and to identify links between data (the same phone number used by multiple accounts for different orders, the same IP address, etc.).
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The nature of fraud risk

Choosing e-Fraud Manager from ISoft guarantees you a tool that will stay one step ahead of the fraudsters thanks to the substantial R & D and intelligence work that has gone into its design.
The control environment gives users all the information they need to manage the risk of fraud.

Choosing e-Fraud Manager ISoft also means you can:

  • Target atypical behaviour precisely and on a daily basis.
  • Carry out preventive interventions before refunding to slash the cost of fraud.
  • Boost productivity by reducing the time taken to investigate alerts.


Supporting, monitoring and optimising performance

Performance monitoring

Optimisation of scenarios and models

Customised reports and analysis

Expert support

Updated positive and negative lists

Comprehensive fraud reviews


Customised and tailored to meet all your needs

e-Fraud Manager can be installed on your servers or is available in SaaS mode.

ISoft offers a range of services covering every aspect of the fight against fraud from first to last:

  • Initial configuration and servicing
  • Continuous improvement of fraud detection scenarios
  • Fraud alert processing
  • Regular analysis and reviews of fraud developments

Manual analysis

Customer interaction (calls, texts, written notification, email, etc.) in 30 different languages

Customer refunds