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ISoft’s Fraud Manager: the first interactive solution for fighting fraud

The rise in fraud and the increasingly sophisticated methods used by fraudsters means companies have to be more reactive when it comes to employing effective safeguards. Interactive and easy to use, ISoft’s Fraud Manager gives you all the reactivity you need.

Fraud Manager is based on ISoft’s technological platform for analysing and processing information in real time combined with its state-of-the-art expertise in the fight against fraud. Our solution integrates sophisticated analytical methods that guarantee performance and stability for detecting fraud.

Most of the tools used in the fight against fraud consist of a set of standard rules; Fraud Manager by ISoft takes things a stage further with the following features:

  • The ability to adapt its system quickly to new fraud behaviours.
  • Three levels of pre-configured detection scenarios - expert, behavioural and statistical – thereby guaranteeing the highest level of detection without the need for programming.
  • Interactive simulation features for helping users to introduce new scenarios.
  • A control environment that gives users all the information they need to control the risk of fraud.
fraud manager isoft


  • Unrivalled computing speed
  • Transactions evaluated in real time
  • Actions suggested based on the estimated level of risk


  • Ready-to-use pack of business scenarios
  • Simple interface that is intuitive and user-friendly
  • Three levels of programmable scenarios: expert / behavioural / statistical


  • Zero programming
  • Measures a rule’s effectiveness at every stage of its creation
  • Simulation environment


  • Uses artificial intelligence and advanced machine learning technology
  • Optimises existing scenarios
  • Automatically creates optimised scenarios


  • Monitors the effectiveness of each detection scenario component
  • Monitors fraud
  • Automatically generates monitoring dashboards


  • Full web interface - zero deployment
  • Secure access
  • Automatically constructs the fraud alert record to be processed
  • Intuitive workflow


Fraud Manager by ISoft has been designed for business users: in other words, it is an anti-fraud solution that does not need any programming.

Every industry exposed to the risk of fraud has its own business and technical specificities… which is why ISoft has developed dedicated modules and functionalities to meet the business requirements of any sector.

All versions of our software share the same features: they are highly modular, quick to roll out and can be easily adapted to new fraud patterns – giving our customers a long-lasting solution with a rapid ROI.


banque finance isoft

Banking - Finance

Fight all types of fraud: identity, bank transfers, direct debits, online banking, credit cards, cheques, money laundering, terrorism, etc.

assurance banque isoft


Combat all types of insurance fraud: life insurance, car insurance, personal insurance, internal fraud, etc.

publique mutuelle isoft

Public sector – mutual insurance

Fight fraud in the field of health insurance, tax evasion, VAT fraud, customs fraud, etc.

E-commerce, internet, distance selling, telecoms and industry

Fight in-house fraud, online fraud, identity fraud, mobile phone fraud, etc.