Our expertise

ISoft provides expertise  and 
support  during the whole lifecycle of projects

Client support

Data Science and Machine Learning

The Data Science and Machine Learning team is carrying out complete studies for our clients, and provide them with a full support in the implementation of their Data Science projects. 

– Expertise in AI and Data Science
– Data Analysis
– Process Automation
– Change management and training

Big Data

We share our expertise with our clients. We help them to solve their Data Management and Data analysis issues. 

– Integration
– Architecture
– Customer Intelligence
– Training
– Bioinformatics

ISoft is playing a crucial part in Big Data and Bioinformatics research. 

Fraud Fighting and Cybersecurity

For 10 years, ISoft has developed an expertise in real time behavioural analysis and outliers detection. We used this expertise to develop an innovative fraud fighting solution. ISoft helps its clients on the following topics: 

–  Development of security systems
– Guidance to build fraud detection and fraud fighting strategies
– Statistical and Machine Learning studies to improve fraud detection
–  Impact assessment on the organization

ISoft is securing 90% of the French banking transactions, which represents more than 20 billion transactions per year. 

A Data Science Lab at ISoft

ISoft’s research and R&D hub is dedicated to the research and optimization of Machine Learning and statistical algorithms. ISoft has a proven expertise in outliers detection. 

ISoft also conducts research to develop solutions transforming complex algorithms into simple features, to allow business users to manage sophisticated AI projects through a simple drag & drop interface.

Big Data

ISoft collaborates to research on the analysis and the visualization of huge data volumes. In this field, ISoft has contributed to make data preparation and transformation easier and faster. 

The research conducted by ISoft also focuses on solving various business questions, such as Real-Time responses, the use of logs, determining customer profiles, drug safety research, etc.


ISoft has a proven expertise in Bioinformatics and takes part in European projects of primary and secondary research, in the analysis and management of huge, heterogeneous biological datasets. 

ISoft also conducted research to develop innovative ways to analyse, explore and visualize genomic data. ISoft especially participated to the GB-3G project, dedicated to the decoding of the biology of genomes, a technique allowed by the advent of genomics and new sequencing technologies. 

Our solutions

The Data Science and AI platform dedicated to business experts

End-to-end solution for real time fraud fighting

Real time fraud fighting solution
for e-commerce

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