Real Time AI-Based Omnichannel Platform for Fraud Fighting

Fraud Fighting is a complex equation

New patterns of fraud  emerge ever faster while becoming more and more complex.

In order to fend off threats while ensuring the best experience for their customers, financial institutions need flexible, reactive and omnichannel approaches.

The approach must include a high level of reliability, explainability and automation, to comply with the banking regulations.

Only real-time responses can effectively stop threats while reducing customer friction.

Traditional solutions, as well as approaches only based on AI, impose trade-offs between these key requirements.

Fraud Manager, developed by ISoft, stands out from the market by its capabilities to provide a comprehensive and effective solution to detect and stop threats.







Real Time

Key Figures

billion banking transactions scored in real time per year


market share in French banking

banks protected

of top 10 European Banks equiped

One solution, many applications

PSD2, Strong Authentication & Customer Experience

Implementing PSD2 and strong authentication can dramatically increase customer friction. ISoft brings real time intelligence to the heart of the authentication and payment processes, avoiding this customer friction. With its innovative solutions, ISoft has ensured for ten years the best experience for banks’ customers.


Instant Payment

Instant Payment is both a risk and an opportunity for banks in Europe, and is a major target of fraudsters. ISoft’s solution to protect Instant Payment is already deployed by several financial institutions. Fraud Manager allows banks to offer this service with the highest level of security, along with the best customer experience.


Omni-Channel risk management for all means of payment 

ISoft has been a leading player since the beginning in the revolution in fraud and cyber criminality fighting, introducing AI and real-time behavioral analysis on massive amounts of data, and having been elected by 90% of French banks and 4 of the top 10 European banks, for its reliability and its capabilities to stop fraud quickly and accurately.

Enterprise solution


  • Highest reliability – 99.99+ % availability rate
  • Robust & Modular management platform
  • Covering the whole fraud lifecycle
  • Dedicated R&D Lab & Fraud Experts Team

Instant responsiveness is a prerequisite in fraud fighting


  • Quick and accurate cross-channel detection of new professional fraud 
  • Responsive and dynamic risk management
  • Improved customer-experience
  • Customer friction reduction

Traceable and real time Technology


  • 360° behavioural analysis using thousands of attributes in less than 10 ms
  • High data volume management
  • Multiple payment steps analysis
  • Hybrid and explainable detection engine 

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