Predictive scoring for better business insights

Artificial Intelligence enabled outstanding innovations in the field of consumer insight.

By creating thousands of business indicators, on the basis of massive amounts of data, it is now possible to create a fully personalized customer service. 

Statmining is designed to empower business users at every step of the model creation and automation process. Users can analyse and model billions of data simply and interactively. Statmining enables the full automation of model deployment and monitoring over time.  

Thanks to Statmining, business experts can create thousands of models without coding, and take a step forward in consumer insight and market segmentation. 

A unique expertise

Powered by ISoft’s proven expertise and methodology, Statmining allows to create statistical models and develop Machine Learning algorithms.


Importation, quality control, partitioning, simple sampling, clusters


frequency tables, contingency, χ2, distribution of variables, correlation


Manual, automatic and supervised discretization, outlier detection, replacement of missing values


Factorial analyses – PCA, MCA, classification of individuals, variables


Machine-learning algorithms, LARS, decision trees, forward-backward-stepwise field selection methods


Score performance tables, re-application of models


Production launch, production monitoring, model updating

Data Morphing®
A Disruptive innovation

The advent of digital morphing enabled everyone to transform pictures in real-time, without coding, just by applying filters and distortions.

Powered by Data Morphing®, an ISoft innovation, Statmining enables the same interactivity in the field of data analytics. For every data transformation in the workflow, the user can instantly see the outcome on the dataset, no matter the data volume. This disruptive innovation makes Statmining a unmatched solution in terms of productivity.

Scope of application

Statmining is a multi-sector software solution dedicated to the industrial production of analyses and models. It can be used to answer the following questions:


Which product for which customer?

Push the right promotional offer to the right customer, at the right time.

What is the behaviour of my customers?

Create indicators to understand the profile and behaviour of your customers. 

Which customers are likely to leave?

Assess the probability that a client leaves, and set up methods to decrease your churn rate. 

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