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ISoft is a computer software company focused on research and innovation.
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25 years of R&D

ISoft is a pioneer in the fields of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Research and innovation are part of our DNA.

Our research has led us to develop a wide scope of solutions, especially in the fields of financial crime fighting, risk management, marketing, management control and healthcare.

Since its creation, ISoft took part in many collaborative R&D projects, in France and abroad. Its multidisciplinary team, with both business experts and technical experts, contributes to several projects of primary and secondary research.

ISoft’s R&D hub is dedicated to the research and optimization of Machine Learning and statistical algorithms. ISoft has a proven expertise in outliers detection. 

ISoft also conducts research to develop solutions which transform complex algorithms into simple features, to allow business experts to monitor sophisticated AI projects through a simple drag & drop interface.

ISoft collaborates to research on the analysis and the visualization of massive amounts of data. In this field, ISoft has contributed to make data preparation and transformation easier and faster.

The research conducted by ISoft also focuses on solving various business questions, such as Real-Time analyses, the use of logs, determining customer profiles, drug safety research, etc.

Disruptive innovations

Focused since the early 90’s on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and the analysis of massive amounts of data, ISoft came up with several disruptive innovations. 

The first Data Mining solution for business users

In 1996, ISoft launched Alice, the first Data Mining solution for business users, a blockbuster distributed by Business Object worldwide. 

The first integrated Big Data software for business users

Amadea, the first Big Data solution dedicated to business users and based on Artificial Intelligence, allows users to analyze simply and interactively billions of data, without prior experience needed in coding or data analysis.

The first real-time behavioural analysis solution for fraud fighting

First AI-Based solution for fraud fighting, Fraud Manager is used to score, in real time, the level of risk of payments, on the basis of thousands of indicators.

A Data Science platform designed for business users

In 1996, the innovations developed by ISoft resulted in the launch of Alice, a blockbuster distributed by BusinessObjects worldwide. 

ISoft later launched Amadea, the first Big Data solution dedicated to business experts and based on AI techniques, allowing user to analyze simply and interactively billions of data. 

The revolution of AI for fraud fighting and risk management

Real-Time behavioural analysis is an essential innovation for risk management and Financial Crime fighting (bank fraud, AML…). Fraud Manager, developed by ISoft, enables to score a payment in real time, and to assess its level of risk, on the basis of thousands of indicators. 

Fraud Manager analyzes the risk of 90% of the French bank transactions, which represents 20 billion transactions per year. 

Our solutions

The Data Science and AI platform dedicated to business experts

End-to-end solution for real time fraud fighting

Real time fraud fighting solution
for e-commerce

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